Germanium Stone Blender 2SB352 transistors
Germanium Stone Blender 2SB352 transistors

Germanium Stone Blender 2SB352 transistors

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"There's no question that the Germanium Stone Blender is a classic of it's kind and well worth the price of admission!" (Guitar Pedal X

"Stone Blender with germanium transistors is Killing!..This one, overall, feels more "feely" to me for some unknown visceral reason" (David Torn)

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The Red Noise Germanium Stone Blender is the silicon Stone Blender's non identical twin. Or bastard son. You decide...

So what changed? 
1 - Germanium transistors! These are new old stock Matsushita 2SD352 Japanese NPN transistors from the 60's.
2 - Two new diodes! 1N270 (Ge) and BAT41 (Si) replacing the 1N4148 and blue LED. 
3 - A few modifications to the circuit reflecting the different characteristics of the germanium transistors. These include capacitor values and additional amplification stage at the end of the circuit.
The Result? 
The Germanium Stone Blender adds finesse to the bottom and top end of the frequency range and has a significant volume boost resulting from the additional amplification stage. And, as the Legendary David Torn says: "more feely".



Volume - You know what this is

Fuzz - Controls the amount of signal going into the fuzz circuit. Counterclockwise for less fuzz, clockwise for more fuzz

Tone - Filters high & low frequency (Counterclockwise for low, clockwise for high)

De-Clip - Offers further tonality shaping in the mid range, controlling how “forward” the guitar sits in the mix, thus adding presence. Perfect for bass players and guitarists who want to stand out.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Sickest fuzz tone

    Wide range of fuzz tones from spitty to syroupy and everything in between. Have a lot of fuzz pedals and lots of the famous ones but this is the most fun.

    Fuzzy full plate of sound

    I love this pedal and all the variety of fuzz choices you can modify! Sounds nice on bass and guitar. Thanks!

    Micha Silver
    Best Fuzz ever!

    I play guitar and bass and I have to say that this pedal really nails it for me on both.
    The de-clip knob sort of blends a dry signal into the effected one and it really helps keeping clarity and tonal focus so that what I'm playing doesn't get lost in the noise. On the bass the lows are ridiculous... Super precise and punchy.
    Fucking love it!

    Claudio Pianini

    Amazing, one-of-a-kind fuzz pedal.