Red Noise Reviews

"A fuzz like few we’ve encountered before, the Stone Blender is set to take the world by storm...An interesting and exciting Fuzz Engine, that will make you question everything you thought you knew about this genre of effects...This thing is a beast" - Pedal Of The Day

"Looking at his company’s stompboxes, it’s easy to gather that the man belongs to the creative side of the “guitarist spectrum,” rather than the tone purist’s one: his creations feature an abundant number of controls and colorful hand-painted cases. The Red Noise Butterfly seems like a worthy addition to the pedal arsenal of any adventurous guitarist" - The Deli Magazine

"Just published a 15 minute overview of the new Red Noise Butterfly and didn't even cover half of it's short, it rules...So if you like unique and cool, it's for you. If you like bland and sucky, probs not." - Demos In The Dark

"Take your sound into uncharted territory with this 2-in-1 tone machine! The Woodpecker by Red Noise Pedals combine an AMAZING fuzz pedal with a Vox Repeat Percussion style tremolo for endless experimentation." - Beholden To The Riff

This is just the most amazingly visceral and highly textured Germanium Tone Bender variety...There’s no question that the Germanium Stone Blender is a classic of its kind and well worth the price of admission! - Guitar Pedal X

"When it comes to fuzz pedals, I don't think I've ever heard one that sounds quite like this...Red Noise Pedals really has something here!" - The Audio Brew

"Ariel is a colorful dude and appreciates the joy and exploration of music, which he echos in his pedals. If you are not familiar with Red Noise Pedals do yourself a favor and check them out..." - The Guitar Knob Podcast