Switch Glitch - Pre Order
Switch Glitch - Pre Order
Switch Glitch - Pre Order
Switch Glitch - Pre Order

Switch Glitch - Pre Order

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"A miracle pedal that let's me switch between two loops making it easier to have multi effect setups without having to tap dance and f**k everything up. An incredible life changer" 

A two loop true bypass silent switching device to serve your every whim and desire..

The Switch Glitch was designed to provide the most quiet switching possible via two gold plated relays. We've put special care into the relays opening and closing softly, reducing the mechanical bounce of the switch which can cause ‘pops’.


The Switch Glitch combines two modes of operation that allows for a large variety of functions. While most similar products only offer a two channel loop switcher (the ‘And’ mode), the Switch Glitch offers an additional mode (the ‘OR’ mode) which allows for toggling between the two channels:


This mode is super useful when you want to turn on/off sections of your pedalboard that have different sonic characteristics without having to stomp excessively on all of them. Route your instrument signal to Loop A and Loop B (in series) in any configuration you choose. 

For example: Connect Loop A to distortion effects and synthy pedals while connecting Loop B to your modulation effects (ie delays reverb chorus etc).


In this mode, create dramatic changes between different sonic landscapes at the hit of one footswitch! Loop B footswitch is disabled and Loop A footswitch toggles between Loops A and B. This enables seamless and noise free toggling between two different effect loops. Extremely useful in the studio and live setting alike.


'And' Mode:

  • Connect multiple pedals into each loop to create two independent effect chains
  • Control over two independent send/return loops in any configuration: A-on | B-off, A-off | B-on, A-on | B-on, A-off | B-off
  • Tuner Output/Mute Switch
  • When both loops are on, the signal flow of your pedalboard will remain unchanged.

'Or' Mode 

  • Toggle between two effect loops
  • Alternate between 2 amps or Amp channels 
  • Tuner Output/Mute Switch
  • Alternate between 2 instruments


  • True Bypass
  • Gold plated relays
  • Circuit optimized for quiet relay function 
  • 9V DC negative center
  • Hand Made
  • Hand Wired
  • Each pedal individually tested 
  • Weight: 9.8 oz
  • Power supply not included

Return Policy:

All Red Noise Pedals come with a 14 day money back guarantee as long as pedals are returned in their original new condition and are in perfect working order.


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Works great
Custom Switch Glitch
Reliable, Life changing, Awesome.
Great order turnaround, glitchy pedal though.