Butterfly - Harmonic Tremolo and Tonal Amusement Park
Butterfly - Harmonic Tremolo and Tonal Amusement Park
Butterfly - Harmonic Tremolo and Tonal Amusement Park
Butterfly - Harmonic Tremolo and Tonal Amusement Park
Butterfly - Harmonic Tremolo and Tonal Amusement Park

Butterfly - Harmonic Tremolo and Tonal Amusement Park

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The Butterfly is a Harmonic Tremolo and Tonal Amusement Park with endless patterns for all you tone freaks and tweakaholics..

While most tremolos modulate the signal by rhythmically lowering and raising the volume, the Red Noise Butterfly utilizes a Low Pass Filter to achieve a warm and articulated tremolo sound, providing pliable tonality and flexibility.

Here are a few of its special features:

  • Manual Mode turns off the LFO and allows manual control of the low pass filter’s cutoff frequency.
  • Dry/Wet Signal Mixer allowing for parallel processing
  • Two EQ controls: Bass / Treble tilt + Mid Boost/Cut (only on the ‘Wet’ signal)
  • Tap tempo Foot switch 



Controls the overall output volume from the pedal.

Dry / Wet

The Butterfly splits in input signal in such a way that a “dry” signal can be mixed with the “wet” processed one. 

All functions, knobs and switches on the pedal apply only to the “wet” signal except for the Vol Knob which controls the mixed output. 

The “dry” signal is buffered. 

B / T 

The Bass and Treble knob accentuates lows while reducing highs and vice versa around a center frequency of 800Hz. When the knob is centered the response is flat.


Mid Boost/Cut at center freq of  800Hz. 

When the knob is centered the response is flat. 

This control was designed to compensate and emphasize when lacking mids so it can amplify a lot… If you get distortion just take it down a notch.


Determines the range in which the filter is functioning. Clockwise = higher in the frequency range. Counter clockwise = lower in the frequency range. 

Soft / Hard 

Sets two mods of operation with different Q and depth:

Soft - More subtle and shallow

Hard - More pronounced and choppy

LFO / Man.

Determines the modulation source: 

LFO – The Butterfly modulates automatically and moves according with the chosen wave shape and speed. In 

Manual – The Butterfly can be used as a low pass filter. Control the cutoff frequency using the Speed / Freq. knob. 

*Please note that the range of the filter still depends on the position of the ‘Range’ and ‘Soft / Hard’ functions so be sure to set those controls to fit your filtering desires. 

Sync Input 

This is an external sync input connected to the Tap Tempo button. This allows the LFO to be synchronized to an external clock signal. The circuit provides protection against negative voltages and signals up to 18V or so

ON Footswitch 

Turns the effect on and off. When in the ‘Off’ position the Butterfly is true bypass

Tap Footswitch 

Tap while the pedal is on or off to set the desired speed.

Power 9V negative center

The Butterfly loves you, love it too, feed it clean 9V negative center and it will gladly and delightfully flap its shiny wings for all to see.  

Getting started: 

Turn the Blend knob all the way clockwise (maximum tremolo)

Switch the Soft / Hard toggle on “Hard“

Switch the LFO / Man. Toggle to “LFO”

Range, mid and T/B knobs at the center.

Set a comfy Volume.

Using the Speed / Freq. knob or Tap Footswitch, set a desired speed.


Play with the Range knob and get a feel of the filter range.

Play with the wave shapes to get acquainted with the different accents they provide


Return Policy:

All Red Noise Pedals come with a 14 day money back guarantee as long as pedals are returned in their original new condition and are in perfect working order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ashton H
Excellent alternative modulation.

Like no other mod pedal I have, and I have many. Great features. No noise, sounds fantastic. The different waveforms give a huge variety of movement. Fun to look at. Very happy

Claudio Pianini

Brilliant trem

Powerful, Versatile, and Fun!

The Butterfly is easily the most versatile Tremolo on the market. Does everything from hard cut square wave chops to fluttery random soft dips and dives, not to mention all the other waveforms. The Sync jack lets you easily lock into time with any synths or drum machines you may be playing along with. And if Sync isn't your thing it has Tap Tempo. So really all bases are covered and then some! You can even EQ your wet signal. This thing really does it all.

Ludwig Böss
Best ever!

The pedals for kings and queens!

Mike Savina
Multiples of fun

The Butterfly is a brilliant dual-stage flame: a sweet, gentle flutter that can metamorphosize into a burning pulsar star. You, aaand.....you: see you later, bye. Make room for the Butterfly.